Smart and Safe Performance Testing in Production

Whether you have a requirement to validate a production environment or just can’t get your test environment to mirror production, NeoLoad can help you run performance tests in production smartly and safely. Keep the risks of testing in production to a minimum with NeoLoad’s built-in features for complete visibility into your app and infrastructure’s performance in real-time and capabilities to adjust test conditions on the fly.

Validate the Environment Real Users Are Hitting

    • Agentless monitoring of application, database, web servers and more
    • Integrations with APM tools for code-level diagnostics

Analyze Errors in Real-time Without Waiting

      • Real-time graphs during tests
      • Live error detection

Adapt Testing Conditions Live as Needed

        • Increase load on the fly
        • Live addition of mobile devices, browsers or network conditions

Be Prepared and Equipped to Pull the Plug

        • Pause individual virtual users during a test
        • Stop the entire test at any time