Scale Performance Engineering Across the Entire Organization

Today’s enterprises are experiencing a shift. While balancing the needs of system testing of monoliths, they’re also testing the migration to microservice-based applications, APIs and more. Test automation becomes an imperative to keep pace. Creating this DevOps approach often means distributing performance engineering skills historically present only within the COE.

A performance engineering solution that accounts for both worlds, monolith to microservice, manual to automated, and usability across a range of skill sets, will continue to be critical.

Scaling Performance Engineering Requires a Performance Testing Platform that is:


  • Supports native testing of packaged applications, all protocols, virtualization, and web, mobile, microservices and APIs.
  • Integrates with the entire tech stack from legacy systems to the DevOps tool chain. 


  • SaaS based platform for 10+ years with no single point of failure and built-in security. 
  • Cloud-agnostic and integrated with all cloud development tools.
  • Optimizes cloud infrastructure dynamically.  


  • Automated approach within any CI pipeline.
  • GUI or <as:code> options for diversity of skill set.
  • Fits into existing developer and QA approaches with a Python CLI and REST API.


How NeoLoad Delivers Quality at Scale

Get the predictability, validation and assurance that you’re used to but at the speed and scale of today’s faster release cycles.

NeoLoad simplifies performance testing so that all teams along the SDLC can take a standardized approach to keep pace with the volume, velocity and variety of today’s performance testing needs.

Bridge the Gap Between Experts and Non-Experts

Scale your testing approach across different teams. NeoLoad is natively architected to work equally well for everyone from centralized teams testing end-to-end applications to DevOps automating API tests.

Ensure Consistent Quality Across All Releases

Standardize on a single platform for different types of applications. Define goals, analyze results and prevent performance problems for everything from monolithic enterprise applications to microservices-based architectures.

Empower Distributed Teams to Test Autonomously

Make performance testing a team sport. Easy to learn and easy to use — no specialized expertise required — NeoLoad enables non-experts to run performance tests automatically as part of their go/no-go decisions.

Get More Strategic Value from Your Experts

Automate the repetitive, manual chores that monopolize experts’ valuable time. NeoLoad eliminates laborious rework and “reinventing the wheel.” Experts can focus more on high-value analysis and performance engineering.

Boost Every Team’s Productivity in Just Weeks

Enterprise-ready out of the box while easy to use, NeoLoad lets you transition to modern performance engineering at scale right away. Make everyone from CoEs to DevOps more productive within a matter of weeks.

Boost Deep Collaboration

From details to dashboards, NeoLoad  promotes different teams of different skill sets to work more efficiently and effectively — from designing tests to implementing quality-control guardrails to analyzing root causes to trend reporting.

Our customers tell it best

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NeoLoad’s technology is superior. We test 2X faster and identify 20% more issues.

By standardizing on NeoLoad as the one tool across all testing phases, we improved the speed of QA and reduced release cycles by 80% — and saw 70% fewer war room incidents.

NeoLoad proved to be the only solution that could support all of our testing requirements, including the most complex use cases.

By standardizing on NeoLoad as the one tool across all testing phases, we improved the speed of QA and reduced release cycles by 80% — and saw 70% fewer war room incidents.

Scaling Performance Engineering: From a Few Experts to an Organization-wide Approach

Enterprises find themselves challenged to keep pace with faster release schedules yet still realize quality control. How can you go from 1-2 performance tests per day to 100-200?

Having a handful of experts handle all performance testing doesn’t work anymore. Since performance experts don’t scale, organizations can instead develop a performance testing approach that scales.

Our latest whitepaper discusses 7 key aspects of a standardized performance engineering approach that fits within the reality of today’s enterprises — a mix of both centralized and autonomous teams, both packaged enterprise apps and microservices-based apps, traditional dev and DevOps.