Adapting to the New Normal: Performance Engineering, Now and Moving Forward

Performance engineering is more urgent than ever under our “new normal.” Several industries — healthcare, life sciences, telecom, online retail, financial services, and anybody involved in video conferencing — are now facing performance challenges at unprecedented scale.

Better performance engineering addresses resilience, speed and cost — while improving the quality of user experience.

Ensure business continuity

Ensure system resilience and business continuity, now that we are all working and conducting business online.

Introduce services fast

Optimize user experience, speed and reliability for new virtual services that are being developed.

Control costs

Realize higher ROI through enhanced efficiency, increased automation and better resource utilization.

State of Performance Engineering – 2020

Welcome to the 2020 State of Performance Engineering report from Neotys and Sogeti.

In this report we provide a panorama of how software performance engineering is managed and pragmatic recommendations for organizations transitioning to Agile and DevOps seeking to adapt to how they deal with software performance.

Performance engineering ensures business continuity

Digital systems are being pushed to operate under extraordinary conditions, seemingly overnight. The resilience of these systems is being tested like never before. 

  • Websites and web applications — especially banking, insurance, healthcare, education, government and online retail — are under an unprecedented heavy load.
  • Customers and users are turning to mobile applications in record numbers.
  • A suddenly remote workforce creates different traffic patterns (more mobile access, different network conditions, more load and remote desktop through Citrix, etc.).
  • Companies are adding infrastructure capacity — in particular, cloud-based resources — as the fastest way to handle the spike in traffic.

Most business continuity plans never envisioned extended lockdowns, shelter-in-place orders and universal work from home. But technology can help companies survive such massive disruption. More than ever, the right performance engineering solution is a must-have to ensure that mission-critical systems can withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.

NeoLoad is the fastest, most automated performance engineering platform on the market. Under pressure to make sure web and mobile applications can handle the increased load, nobody has time for manual, time-consuming “legacy” tools that require specialized expertise to use. With NeoLoad’s drag-and-drop automation and superior ease of use — ramp-up time is less than a week — our enterprise customers have been able to identify performance problems 60-75% faster.

As more cloud infrastructure resources get urgently deployed, NeoLoad makes it easier for companies to validate the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the additional capacity. NeoLoad gives businesses the insight to ensure that the increased cloud expenses were indeed cost-effective. 

New work-from-home guidelines have forced teams to adopt — or amplify— a highly distributed Agile-like approach. NeoLoad’s automated collaboration capabilities facilitate efficiency and productivity among a suddenly 100% virtual workforce. NeoLoad integrates seamlessly into CI/CD pipelines, shares results reports automatically and makes it easy for different teams to run tests concurrently on distributed and cloud-hosted resources without getting in one another’s way.  

Performance engineering helps introduce better digital services faster

Social distancing and stay-at-home mandates have fueled a fundamental shift in the way we work, socialize, shop, learn, and conduct our day-to-day business. We now accept (and expect) digital everything. Anything that can be done virtually will be, and this is likely long-term behavior — our “next normal.”

Winners will be organizations that are able to pivot rapidly and offer digital experiences that match these new customer expectations. The current situation has accelerated companies’ digital transformation at warp speed.

  • To remain competitive, businesses need to accelerate speed-to-market of new, enhanced digital services.
  • Development teams must deliver applications that scale well while optimizing cloud resources cost-effectively.
  • Companies must leverage data and analytics to monitor and modify their operations and processes, and communicate results back to performance engineering teams at high frequency.

More than ever, organizations need a performance engineering platform that accelerates their transition to an Agile/DevOps approach to release more reliable applications faster. But the platform must also support more traditional software development methodology, as well as the company’s full technology stack and heterogeneous IT ecosystem.

NeoLoad gives businesses a running start to modernize their software factory. Because NeoLoad is so easy to use, developers and other non-specialists can test their APIs, components and microservices earlier in the development lifecycle (Shift Left), when it’s easier, faster and less expensive to fix things. Agile teams can automate performance testing with NeoLoad’s seamless integration with CI/CD pipelines, and its collaborative capabilities let DevOps teams get a common view of application reliability and speed at every stage of development.

Performance engineering controls costs and optimize ROI

The bottom-line impact of the current situation is forcing enterprises to optimize their operating processes even more, enforce cost control and realize greater return on their investments. This is a requirement today and will remain a long-term concern moving forward.

Performance testing can and should contribute to this effort. As businesses shift to SaaS-based cloud technologies, the right performance testing tool should enable development teams to deliver applications that scale well while optimizing usage of cloud resources.

Customers have seen that NeoLoad delivers a higher ROI at both the team/application and business/platform level.



  • Empower teams to be more efficient with more automation, testing more (new microsites, third-party apps) with fewer resources yet still control the efficiency of deployments.
  • Optimize cloud resources for load generation, contributing to a lower TCO.
  • Help rationalize the business value of urgent application development.
  • Verify that cloud-based applications are scalable and fast, while controlling the consumption and associated costs of cloud resources.


  • Highly scalable for enterprises utilizing different approaches to software development.
  • Easily accessible for a distributed team working remotely.
  • Able to execute tests quickly, when there’s no time for days of test design.
  • Fast and painless onboarding and ramp-up –  engineers are already busy enough.

How NeoLoad Helps Overcome Today’s Immediate Challenges

No industry has been unaffected by the situation, but certain businesses are feeling the heat to accelerate their digital transformation more than others. NeoLoad can help.




  • Credit management: Increase in both commercial and retail non-performing loans
  • More requests for refinancing
  • Provide scalable and fast digital service where consumers can access credit
  • Provide scalable and fast digital service to manage the demand for refinancing
  • Offer digital loans
  • Test scalability of infrastructure while ensuring the right usage of cloud resources
  • Customer service: Rapid changes in customer preferences to mobile and online banking
  • Accelerate digital sales and service
  • Accelerate release cycles
  • Faster time to market
  • Operating model: Misalignment of short-term revenue and expenses
  • Cost control
  • Higher ROI, lower TCO via more efficient use of cloud resources by SaaS

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  • Ensure business continuity with more load on systems from workers and patients
  • Scale systems
  • Rapidly performance test apps for a variety of technologies including web and packaged apps like Citrix
  • Innovate faster
  • Leverage new technologies (5G, connected devices, VR, AI)
  • Test all technologies used in applications

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  • Business continuity and remote workforce
  • Scale systems
  • Ensure resilience
  • Refocus workforce and processes on customer value management, agility, and workforce automation/optimization with a human + machine mindset
  • Optimize system speed and reliability
  • Ensure user experience
  • Shift go-to-market model to focus on digital to leverage new consumers appetence
  • More and better digital services
  • Stronger digital communications with patients
  • Ensure optimal user experience
  • Accelerate time to market
  • Cost reductions to recover
  • Optimize investments
  • Higher ROI, lower TCO via more efficient use of cloud resources by SaaS

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