Continuous Performance Testing for Insurance

NeoLoad is the most automated, cost-effective and easy-to-use performance testing platform for today’s intricate patchwork of complex insurance applications.

The Triple-Threat Challenges of Digital Insurance 2.0


Generational demographic shifts are pushing insurers to accelerate their digital transformation. Mobile-first millenials are replacing baby boomers as main buyers of personal insurance, and expect frictionless digital transactions anytime from anywhere.

More than 9 in 10 life insurance sales are influenced by digital interaction (online searches to assess providers, compare price and coverage options, apply for life insurance or annuity policy on company’s website).

Traditional insurers are under increasing competitive pressure from tech giants (Google, Amazon, etc.) and emerging InsurTech players, particularly among digital-native millennials and Gen Y customers.


Modernizing legacy back-end core systems, maximizing digital customer-facing applications and integrating it all together — while hedging risk and not compromising  existing  technical setup — has become a primary business driver.

The wealth of data now available from telematics, wearable health tech, smart homes and other IoT devices will upend existing business models. Winners will be those fastest to innovate new applications that leverage data to inform business decisions.

Digital agility is a must for insurance companies to keep pace with the accelerating pace of change in the industry, but a recent survey shows that 93% of insurance carriers “struggle to support their Agile initiatives.”


Insurance companies are looking to double down on controlling costs and improving operational efficiency — more than ever before — by becoming more Agile, leveraging automation, migrating to the cloud and promoting greater collaboration between business and IT stakeholders. 

Ensuring application reliability with legacy performance testing tools remains a time-consuming, manual and expensive process requiring specialized expertise. It’s estimated that almost 25% of IT budgets are allocated to testing.

Over 65% of insurers are expanding their move to cloud technologies, with most adopting multi-cloud strategies. Validating the effectiveness and controlling the costs of cloud migration are crucial.

Performance Testing for Critical Insurance Applications with NeoLoad

Home and branch offices, agents and brokers, web and mobile customers. Underwriting, policy administration, claims processing, online quotes, omnichannel distribution. NeoLoad is the solution of choice for load testing insurance applications.

Why Insurance Companies Choose NeoLoad

  • Test cycles are accelerated by 65-75%, on average.
  • Time, effort and cost of maintaining/updating tests get reduced by as much as 90%.
  • Cloud-resource costs are cut by up to 80% by dynamically right-sizing cloud infrastructure.
  • Teams of all skill levels are empowered to do more themselves and to avoid backlog bottlenecks with easy-to-use low-code/no-code approaches.
  • Every team, from DevOps to COEs, uses the same standardized platform.. 
  • Automated performance engineering is integrated seamlessly into DevOps methodologies..
  • A higher return on investment is realized sooner.

NeoLoad Helps Insurance Succeed in the Second Wave of Digital Transformation

Accelerate Digital Insurance 2.0.

Test fast to release fast. Whether it’s updating complex legacy systems or introducing new IoT-driven InsurTech apps, NeoLoad’s automation capabilities and low-code and no-code approaches enable every type of delivery team to get software out the door 65-75% faster.

Make customer experience a competitive advantage.

Release software with greater confidence. Policyholders today expect a fast, Amazon-like end-to-end frictionless digital experience — on any device, anytime, anywhere. NeoLoad’s continuous performance engineering platform catches more problems early, before they impact customers.

Scale performance engineering across the organization.

Standardize on a single platform. NeoLoad doesn’t require specialized expertise. It’s the only platform on the market that’s out-of-the-box enterprise-ready for both modern Agile and DevOps environments and traditional testing of monolithic apps (SAP, Oracle, Citrix).

Get more value out of other tools.

NeoLoad adapts to whatever technologies, workflows, skill sets and tools that insurance companies already have in place. Out-of-the-box integration with existing tech stacks, CI/CD tools and multiple cloud vendors makes NeoLoad a force multiplier throughout the software factory.

Eliminate QA bottlenecks.

Performance experts may not always be available, but performance testing can be. With no specialized expertise needed — ramp-up time is less than a week — NeoLoad empowers teams of different skill levels and backgrounds to run reliable go/no-go tests autonomously.

Automate continuous performance testing.

When speed to market separates the winners from the losers, testing early and fixing performance issues before they go live is a competitive advantage. On-prem or in the cloud, NeoLoad is DevOps-ready to integrate continuous performance testing into automated CI pipelines.

Migrate to the cloud with confidence and cost-effectiveness.

Cloud technology offers tremendous benefits — if it’s done right. NeoLoad makes it easy to validate that moving applications to the cloud doesn’t impact performance and that insurers are not overspending on cloud resources.

Realize higher ROI faster.

ROI is all about doing more with less, sooner, without breaking the bank. NeoLoad is easy to use, so fewer resources (hardware, people, time/effort) are needed to deliver more predictable software faster — freeing up the experts to focus on issues that drive growth.

“NeoLoad has helped reduce quote time from 23 to 10 seconds. Meanwhile, we see nearly 30% sales lift..”

— Benoit Dorval, Solutions Architect, Promutuel Assurance

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NeoLoad’s 100% automated script maintenance saves time and effort that we can apply to other, more strategic projects.