Continuous Performance Testing for Financial Services

NeoLoad is the most automated, cost-effective and easy-to-use performance testing platform for today’s intricate patchwork of complex financial services applications.

Financial Services Companies Caught in a Crossfire of Innovation, Complexity and Cost


30% of customers would change banks simply because of slow or buggy mobile app performance.

Financial institutions face constant competitive pressure — especially from the tech giants — to expand digital service offerings.

Financial institutions must respond rapidly to the “new normal” of digital-first customer behavior.



Digital transformation initiatives are often impeded by the coexistent need to maintain complex legacy systems. 

Multi-tier financial services applications are some of the most complex in the world, processing billions of transactions per second.

Users expect every transaction to be frictionless anytime, anywhere, on any device.



Enterprises need future-proof, high-ROI solutions to accelerate their transition to Agile/DevOps.

Almost 25% of a financial services enterprise’s IT budget is currently allocated to testing.

Validating the effectiveness and controlling the costs of cloud migration have become critical drivers.



Performance Testing for Critical Financial Services Applications

Core banking. Online banking. Mobile banking. ATM. Payment processing. Loan processing. Wealth management. NeoLoad is the solution of choice for load testing financial services applications.

Why Financial Services Companies Choose NeoLoad

  • Test cycles are accelerated by 65-75%, on average.
  • Time, effort and cost of maintaining/updating tests are reduced by as much as 90%.
  • Cloud-resource costs are cut by up to 80% by dynamically right-sizing cloud infrastructure.
  • Teams of all skill levels are empowered to do more themselves and to avoid backlog bottlenecks with easy-to-use low-code/no-code approaches.
  • Every team, from DevOps to COEs, uses the same standardized platform. 
  • Automated performance engineering is integrated seamlessly into DevOps methodologies.
  • A higher return on investment is realized sooner.

NeoLoad Modernizes the Financial Services Software Factory

Scale performance testing across the organization.

NeoLoad doesn’t require specialized expertise. It’s the only platform on the market that’s out-of-the-box enterprise-ready for both modern Agile and DevOps environments and traditional testing approaches.

Go to market faster.

Say good-bye to the complexity of performance testing by hand. NeoLoad’s low-code and no-code approaches empower experts and non-experts alike to test applications and clear backlogs at warp speed. Testing faster means releasing faster.

Proactively reduce risk.

Identify bottlenecks before customers are impacted. More tests in less time means more predictable performance. Release software with confidence that problems get caught before they ever see the light of day.

Standardize on a single performance platform.

NeoLoad adapts to whatever technologies, workflows, skill sets and tools that financial institutions  already have in place. It integrates with existing (and growing) tech stacks, CI/CD tools and multiple cloud vendors. NeoLoad is a force multiplier throughout the software factory.

Pinpoint Citrix performance issues.

NeoLoad is faster, easier and more reliable at testing Citrix performance for 1,000s of users because it visually develops a visual test — no more guesswork to identify whether desktop display issues or slow log-in is a hardware problem, or a software problem.

Eliminate bottlenecks.

Connect teams and realize greater cross-collaboration. Eliminate process bottlenecks by giving teams of all skill levels the power to autonomously self-service their needs. From details to dashboards, NeoLoad makes it easy to design and execute tests, analyze root cause analysis and  generate trend reports.

Automate continuous performance testing.

When speed to market separates winners from losers, testing early and fixing performance  issues before they go live is a competitive advantage. NeoLoad is DevOps-ready to integrate continuous performance testing into automated CI pipelines.

Migrate to the cloud with confidence and cost-effectiveness.

NeoLoad supports your multi- and hybrid-cloud strategy. NeoLoad makes it easy to validate that moving applications to the cloud doesn’t impact performance and that businesses are not overspending on cloud resources.

Realize higher ROI faster.

ROI is all about doing more with less, at speed and scale, cost-effectively. NeoLoad is easy to use  —  no specialized expertise needed —  so fewer resources (people, time/effort) are needed to deliver predictable software faster. Even non-experts can get up to speed in under a week.

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The savings we’re seeing is close to 60%!

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