Success Story: Zen Quality Assurance Pvt. Ltd.

Company Profile

Zen Quality Assurance Pvt. Ltd. provides .Net development services and Testing Services to Software Product companies worldwide. Our services are tailored to help Product companies release new versions quickly without compromising on quality.


We were to carry out a stress test against a secure document-sharing platform for one of our long-term clients, with the requirement to simulate 3,000 users concurrently viewing video over the platform.

The protocols that have been tested:

NeoLoad perfectly supports the Silverlight protocol with flexible request parameterization abilities & efficient load test engine to simulate high volume loads.


Our Performance Testing Center of Excellence team had done extensive research & feasibility study (with all popular commercial & open-source load test tools), and finally zeroed on NeoLoad due to the following reasons:

  • NeoLoad is the only tool that not only supports simulating media streaming, but also captures relevant metrics such as play length, buffer fill time, lag duration and lag ratio using which User experience can be assessed
  • Flexible & Affordable licensing model