What’s the ROI?

Determining the ROI of Performance Testing Software

You know it; we know it. Evaluating the cost of software requires consideration beyond license fees. In a sea of backlogs and to-dos, making thoughtful decisions generates more work. Let’s strike off one more thing on your to-do list by evaluating the critical decision points to select performance testing software.

Consider this first. The biggest value to gain from performance testing platforms is failing faster. By spending less time creating, maintaining, and deciphering tests and results, you can spend more time identifying bottlenecks, understanding root causes, and fixing issues. Your time to market speeds up, and application reliability is predictable.

How exactly?

What’s the ROI?

What’s the ROI?

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Scripts, Scripts, Scripts

How a performance testing tool generates scripts, and maintains them, informs a lot about cost and time savings.

The simple approach that NeoLoad uses to create and maintain scripts is the number one value it brings to the table. When we ask our Enterprise customers, “Why did you choose NeoLoad?”, we hear time and again: “It’s faster and easier to create and update test scripts.” How much faster? Maintaining scripts is mostly automated in NeoLoad. In contrast, in products like LoadRunner, testers are required to re-write the entire test script each time the code changes. Multiply that times the numbers of updates and we will be here all day. Also, NeoLoad works for advanced performance engineers, and for developers, testers, and operations teams.

With the move to DevOps, it is important that your testing tools accommodate all team types and skills. Depending on the needs and skills of the users, they create test scripts in NeoLoad either with a graphical user interface (GUI) drag and drop tool, or as code within YAML files or in a command-line interface.

Why choose a testing platform that only offers one or the other approach when you can have both?

“We scripted tests using NeoLoad in one day, down from four days to write the same scripts in LoadRunner.”

Price Isn’t the Only Cost

What are the cost considerations for performance testing software beyond the license fees? In the case of performance and load testing software, infrastructure is often a most costly aspect for managers to oversee.

Consider the following: whether you use bare metal, VMs, containers, or a blended model, generating load that simulates real world user behavior requires substantial hardware. Depending on how performance software is licensed and what deployment models they support, some performance testing platforms require more hardware than others, for the same tests under the same load.

For example, with NeoLoad’s dynamic infrastructure, you can easily set up testing resources as needed and automatically free up resources as tests complete. As you use test infrastructure efficiently, you improve total cost of ownership of both hardware and software.

“NeoLoad natively integrates with Openshift and Kubernetes to optimize your load testing infrastructure costs.”

Cost of Doing Business

Another barometer is the ease or difficulty of working with a software vendor. Enterprise support, customer relationship management, the process to deploy and upgrade software are all costs of doing business. Neotys continues to be lauded as the Enterprise vendor with the premier customer support and satisfaction because when you call Neotys, a person answers your call and they know who you are and are prepared to help you

On top of that, NeoLoad takes only a few hours to deploy via a simple Docker image downloaded automatically. In contrast, Performance Center takes days to connect to servers, databases, and requires highly specialized resources.

Upgrading Performance Center is a huge project that takes weeks to months. Whereas, you can upgrade and deploy even NeoLoad’s largest configurations in only 10 days at the most.

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