Addressing Mobile Load Testing Challenges

Mobile applications and mobile websites have become a major channel for conducting business, improving employee efficiency, communicating, and reaching consumers. In the past, mobile played a smaller role in business applications, so performance issues and outages were less of a concern. This is no longer the case. Today, performance problems with mobile applications lead directly to revenue loss, brand damage, and diminished employee productivity.

Since mobile apps and applications for desktop web browsers use the same underlying technologies, most load testing tasks and challenges are the same. You don’t necessarily need a brand new, mobile-specific load testing tool, but you do need a quality web load testing tool capable of handling the nuances of load testing mobile apps. Using a tool that enables testing of both enables you to leverage existing in-house skills for designing and parameterizing your scripts, running your tests, and analyzing the results.

What You’ll Learn

  • Challenges and solutions associated with mobile load testing
  • Best practices for recording mobile load test scenarios
  • Best practices for conducting realistic tests
  • How to gather real device metrics and analyze the results


Addressing Mobile Load Testing Challenges