Load and Performance Testing in Production

Due to a handful of factors, including time and budget constraints, many organizations are turning to test in production (TiP). This process introduces considerable risk and can bring on an onslaught of challenges for even the most experienced testers. Luckily, there are ways that testing teams can considerably reduce this risk and overcome testing in production challenges – but only if close attention is paid to the impact of TiP on the live environment and real users.

This whitepaper will not only outline several challenges associated with testing in production, but it will also provide key best practices like selecting the right time window to apply testing loads and slightly altering the scenarios to avoid interaction with the back office or third-party services. It will also touch on the importance of actively monitoring your application while testing in production. Testing managers, practitioners or anyone involved with testing in production can benefit from these tips.

You will learn about:

  • The challenges you’ll face when testing in production
  • Best practices for testing in production
  • The importance of testing in production while proactively monitoring your application
Load & Performance Testing in Production

Load and Performance Testing in Production

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