NeoLoad-Inflectra Platforms Transforms Software Testing & Quality

Inflectra and Neotys have partnered to provide an integrated testing solution for faster testing and automatic insights on your quality gate.

With the NeoLoad plugin, Inflectra’s platform supports test management and execution (where results are transmitted back to Inflectra). Meanwhile, via NeoLoad and SpiraTest, you can report pass/fail/caution comparing actual results against the specified SLA metrics.
Inflectra also provides out-of-the-box integration with NeoLoad and Rapise, allowing it to take advantage of Rapise test assets, seamlessly converting them into NeoLoad performance scenarios.

To present their integration into more detail, Neotys and Inflectra have teamed up to deliver a webinar about how to transform software testing and quality as a result of the combined solution. During this webinar, our two speakers (Henrik Rexed, Neotys, and Adam Sandman, Inflectra) reviewed the features and benefits of the integration.

In this webinar:


  • An overview of the products: Spirateam + NeoLoad + Rapise
  • The top features of the platform
  • A live demo

Transform Software Testing & Quality with the NeoLoad - Inflectra platform

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