Special PAC Session with Scott Moore and Wilson Mar

Introducing the Software Engineer Across the Lifecycle (SEAL), by Scott Moore

Reducing the impact of poor application performance requires “shifting left” into development as early as possible. It also means “shifting right,” to monitor the application in production. A DevOps approach to performance in Lean methodologies is about engineering performance into the application from beginning to end. This requires a particular skill set that goes beyond a testing role (SDET) and a DevOps engineer (SRE). In this presentation, we will discuss the need for the Software Engineer Across the Lifecycle (SEAL) and how this bridges the gap between development, testing, production, and the business. It will cover the differences this role brings and how it enables organizations to improve application and system performance no matter where it is.


Considerations for cloud performance and scalability – the specific limits and monitoring, by Wilson Mar

This segment reviews performance testing and engineering of auto-scaling virtual machines and containers running within clouds. Many services are involved in running applications in the cloud: from deployment, to monitoring and cost management.
How can we make sure that machine instances appear when needed and then disappear when no longer needed (elastically)?
How much time does it take for new instances to assume workload?
How can costs be controlled?


The Performance Advisory Council is an event gathering the best experts in terms of performance to talk about their knowledge and insights. It is conducted twice a year with a real life session and a 24 hours virtual session.

The second edition of the virtual PAC takes place on September 24-25, 2019. Our second 24-hour virtual PAC is traveling the world virtually to hear from 20 performance testers regarding best practices and perspectives on what’s next for the performance testing space.

However, we don’t want to keep you waiting, so we decided to organize a unique PAC, featuring two of our well-known experts: Scott Moore & Wilson Mar (see their abstracts below).

Special Performance Advisory Council Edition with Scott Moore and Wilson Mar

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