How QF-Test and NeoLoad Can Provide Better Load Tests

Nowadays, most of the projects are facing two main challenges:

  • How do I realistically validate the user experience?

According to several studies, half of all consumers are expecting a web page to load in 2 seconds or less: the risk of seeing them abandoning their basket without finalizing their order is enormous. Some of you may still have in mind this figure: according to Amazon, every 100 ms of latency cost them 1% in sales.

  • How do I run more tests in less time?

DevOps environments demand shorter development cycles and a great deal of automation. Performance testing is complicated and takes time because it still requires human action. Saving time by having the ability to reuse the design work seems to be mandatory.

During this webinar organized by Muth Partners, you will know more about how both questions are answered with the integration of the two tools: QF-Test and NeoLoad.

How QF-Test and NeoLoad can Provide Better Load Tests

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