Webinar: Testing Mobile Applications in the Wild featuring Scott Barber

What you’ll learn:

  • Create a strategy for realistically testing the performance of mobile apps
  • Account for various devices including tablets, phones, etc.
  • Efficiently recreate realistic network conditions
  • Manage load from different geographies

Do you have confidence in your approach for performance testing mobile applications? If you’re like most people, you’re probably slogging through the hype to get a handle on how to manage the unique challenges posed by mobile: lots of devices, different networks, bandwidth, latency, and packet loss among them. According to Strangeloop, you lose 57% of your users if they experience a three second delay. But how can you tell if your application is performing well enough for a user with an iPhone5 on a 3G network riding on a bus in Kansas City, for example?

Don’t worry—we’ve got the answers. Watch this webinar to hear about best practices and key steps for testing the performance of your mobile applications “in the wild.”

Speakers: Scott Barber, Chief Technologist, PerfTestPlus & Steve Weisfeldt, Senior Performance Engineer, Neotys