Success Story: Terremark

Company Profile

Global provider of managed IT infrastructure services.


To quickly perform a scalability study on customer’s web based application. The tool must be able to record dynamic user workloads and be able to be customized on the fly.

Application tested: web based application Protocols tested: http/https, php.


NeoLoad was chosen due to its licensing model. NeoLoad was very affordable with its unlimited license.

With NeoLoad, we were able to quickly record the customer’s users workload and run the tests. The tool was able to detect the dynamic variables and parameterized the variables without much effort. I had several “How To” questions which Support was able to answer via email. Overall the engagement went very smoothly.

Test Results and Added Value

In our managed hosting environment, to be able to stress test customer’s web application before going Live is a great service we provide to our customer. With NeoLoad, we can quickly record the user scenarios and perform a load test without much customization involved. We were able to identify the system bottleneck before it was a real problem.