Success Story: Soflab

Company Profile

Soflab is leading IT company providing testing and Quality Assurance services for major Polish and international Telecom Operators, Banks, Insurance Companies, Media, Public Entities.
It is the biggest Polish company focused on providing software testing services, employing over 100 quality assurance specialists and testers. Since 2008, Soflab completed more than 200 testing projects for Customers from different sectors of the market.


Soflab is providing load testing services for many customers.
The main challenge was to find a great load/stress testing tool supporting Web 2.0 technologies. Secondly, it was the price-quality relation of the tool.

Protocols/technologies tested: HTTP/HTTPS, WebServices, GWT, SAP Web, Java Seam, J2EE, Ajax, EXT JS, OLAT Platform, JavaScript.


Over a dozen of web-applications have been tested using open-source load testing tools like JMeter. During those projects appeared many problems with fast results reporting, also the effort of test creation was higher than using NeoLoad.
Additionally, many of new web technologies were not supported by non-commercial tools.
So, the main reason to choose this solution was the price-quality relation, secondly the usability and easiness of use, third the speed of test development and the fourth reason was that NeoLoad supports many new web technologies.

Test Results and Added Value

Every load/stress testing project has reproducible stages:

  • Collecting performance requirements and purposes of the tests to execute
  • Determining measuring performance methods and acceptance criteria
  • Defining load characteristics
  • Creating load profile together with the customer
  • Defining the monitoring parameters of the system
  • Preparation of performance testing strategy
  • Designing benchmarks
  • Implementation of automatic tests
  • Execution of tests characteristic for the test phases and cycles
  • Tuning the test environment
  • Collecting the results and statistics from tests
  • Prepare a full report with analysis of results and recommendations

All the projects of performance tests we’ve done with NeoLoad tool provide our customers the identification of the bottlenecks, determination of the real levels of system performance, but also, in many cases, a direct indication of functional bugs in code and system configuration errors.
It improved our testing services quality.