Success Story: Lapeyre

Company Profile

“Groupe Lapeyre” is part of the Group Saint-Gobain Distribution Bâtiment. They offer products and services in different fields such as new construction, renovation and household consummation.
The company works with all types of customers (private individuals, handyman and professionals)
The group has different distribution brands: LAPEYRE la maison, K par K, Telhanorte, Barugel Azulay, Gimm, Atlantique, Menuiseries Françaises, Oxxo et Les Zelles.


In setting up the CRM application for its sales network, Groupe Lapeyre identified a number of performance targets regarded as prerequisites for the application’s launch. We needed to validate the technical infrastructure chosen and the application architecture’s resistance under load, in view of the large number of users and huge volumes of information to be handled by the application.


Having looked at the various load testing software available on the market, and after evaluating a number of short-listed products, we decided on NeoLoad for its competitive pricing, the comprehensiveness of the package, notably the choice of monitors that can be activated during the tests, and its ease of use, a feature that doesn’t prevent it being just as powerful and as flexible as its more expensive competitors.

Test Results and Added Value

All these plus points meant that, in less than 10 man/days, we were able to construct complex scenarios simulating a user activity very close to real conditions. Furthermore, the metrics returned by the monitors helped us rapidly identify the vulnerable points within both our application and the architecture and correct them. During the pre-production period, we were also able to confirm the excellent standard of customer support, in particular its promptness and the quality of the answers provided, and the competence of the Neotys team of consultants