Webinar: How to Validate Performance for Mobile Users Easily with NeoLoad and NeoSense

What you’ll learn:

  • Why performance testing for mobile users is no longer optional
  • Why mobile users on your web apps can cause performance problems for all
  • How to test with device simulation and network virtualization in NeoLoad
  • How to integrate with functional testing tools to capture the complete end user experience during a load test
  • How to monitor mobile performance 24×7 with NeoSense

Morgan Stanley recently stated that mobile browser audiences are actually 2X larger than mobile app audiences. Combine this with the fact that mobile devices accounted for 53% of Black Friday ecommerce visits in 2015 and it becomes clear that everyone with a mobile OR web app needs a mobile performance testing strategy.

The good news is that we make it easy to add mobile users to tests and monitoring scenarios with NeoLoad and NeoSense (and we don’t charge extra for it).

Speakers: Bill Nicholson, VP of Support and Services