Webinar: How to Fit Performance Testing into Agile Dev Cycles

What you’ll learn:

  • Challenges with Agile dev cycles and performance testing
  • Which types of performance tests you can automate
  • How to fit load testing into your development iterations
  • When you need to test outside of your typical dev process
  • What DevOps teams miss when they skip performance testing
  • And more!

Agile development methodologies have a lot benefits like increasing visibility into a project’s progress and keeping requirements fluid enough to res­­­pond to what customers want today — not what they wanted two years ago. One thing many Agile (or Agile-ish) teams struggle with is determining which testing practices to keep, which ones to automate, and which ones to stop doing all together. Performance testing is no exception.

Don’t worry; creating a performance testing plan that fits into your development is easier than you might think. Whether you’re trying to do continuous performance testing or just want to fit load testing somewhere into your sprints, we’ve got practical tips for sizing tests to match your needs.

Speakers: Brad Stoner, Senior Performance Engineer, Neotys & Tim Hinds, Product Marketing Manager, Neotys