Modern Performance Testing for Retail

Online retailers are increasingly finding that the performance testing tools they’ve always relied on are letting them down.

Every year dozens and dozens of major online retailers experience performance problems when it matters most — back to school days, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, the holiday shopping season. And it’s not like they haven’t been performance testing for peak traffic loads since the summer. . . .

Most often the problem is that they’re encumbered by an old-fashioned, difficult-to-use, manual labor-intensive load and performance testing solution. As peak loads get more intense and eCommerce systems get more complex, performance testing gaps widen and risks multiply.

That’s why more online retailers are switching to NeoLoad as an easier, faster, more accurate — more modern — performance testing platform.

Modernize Retail Performance Testing for Today’s Load

Go under the hood to see how NeoLoad helps
performance test retail applications.