Dynatrace Integration Overview

How Dynatrace and NeoLoad Can Provide Deeper, Efficient Load Testing Analysis

In an evolving market where expectations are at the crossroad of performance and quality, NeoLoad and Dynatrace enable performance engineers and project leaders to automate their performance tests, consolidate the data available (within each UI) and give real feedback on release quality.

With Agile and DevOps, testers have to test more in less time.  Of course, automation will be the lynchpin to successfully delivering on this requirement. But, how can you avoid the additional effort associated with the creation of realistic component and end-to-end testing? And, how does a performance engineer take advantage of the IA engine of Dynatrace during each test?

Since NeoLoad 7.5, NeoLoad’s integration with Dynatrace is native to NeoLoad. The two products share test results data which is viewable from either the NeoLoad or the Dynatrace user interface. Having the data in one view speeds test analysis and root cause analysis.

Download this datasheet, to learn more about how you can take advantage of the NeoLoad-Dynatrace integration!


NeoLoad & Dynatrace Integration Overview