How CTS & NeoLoad Provide Functional Security Testing

Many organizations are used to falling victim to cyber attacks on their public and private applications. It’s, therefore, no surprise that application security levels have become a requirement before going into production. Applying strict security rules can affect the performance and the user experience of real users. Companies who deliver customer-facing applications should be aware of the user experience and do whatever it takes to identify and reduce performance as much as possible.

  • How can we make sure we are deploying a secure and performant application in production?
  • How can I find a solution having the ability to test the security and the performance of a system?

Cyber Test Systems’ expertise in hardware technology combined with NeoLoad software has produced the Cyber Test Systems Application Traffic Generator CTS-ATG-1040-B: a consolidated solution to perform functional security testing by replicating users behavior.

To learn more about this integration, download this datasheet!

How CTS & NeoLoad Provide Functional Security Testing