Success Story: CaseRev, Inc.

Company Profile

CaseRev is an innovative new way for claims organizations, law departments, TPAs, self-insured corporations and others to search for the industry’s best vendors, create and enforce preferred vendor relationships, make and track referrals, send messages and much more.


The development team wanted to have confidence that our web application would scale to a relatively large number of users. We were interested in discovering any database hot spots or other inefficiencies that would cause problems as we became more successful.


Our chief objective was to locate a tool that was relatively easy to use and that was capable of distributing test user processes to multiple machines. We wanted to create a stress environment that was as realistic as possible. After taking a trial run with NeoLoad we all decided that it met both our performance and cost requirements.

We did not encounter any significant issues with using NeoLoad as our testing tool. We went thru the normal process of determining how to configure our system for testing including pre-loading the database. Once that setup period was completed the actual creation of tests and running the performance tool was relatively easy.

Test Results and Added Value

We were able to isolate several areas in our application which could be improved. Some of these were fairly obvious and probably could have been identified without a professional load testing tool, but other issues did not surface until a much larger number of ‘users’ were added to the testing session. We continue to use the tool to test performance and to determine which code areas should be improved.