Cognizant accelerates site reliability for a UK Retailer with Neotys NeoLoad


A UK-based retailer comprising health and beauty stores and pharmacies planned to replace its legacy systems with innovative solutions across all store outlets and remodel its digital platforms to improve business processes and customer experience. Improving the performance levels of their in- store smart clients and e-commerce site was critical to enhancing business operations and growing revenue.
The customer evaluated a number of prospective implementation providers and chose Cognizant’s Quality Engineering and Assurance team as their partner in this endeavor. Cognizant conducted a thorough evaluation of non-functional testing tools and chose Neotys NeoLoad based on it’s outstanding usability and technology support.

Challenges with legacy tools

The client encountered major technical problems in the maintenance, execution and tracking of the scripts. This resulted in increased licensing and maintenance costs.

Technology compatibility
Majority of the client’s in-store applications were built on Google Web Toolkit (GWT), which serializes requests & responses in the binary format. Since legacy tools did not support deserializing of the binary format data, enhancing GWT scripts was cumbersome.

Script maintenance, monitoring & cloud testing complexity
Script maintenance, execution and monitoring were complex with the legacy tools and offered limited support for testing cloud-based applications.

High license and maintenance costs
The client had multiple performance test tools to support its complex technology architecture, which led to higher licencing and maintenance costs.

The Cognizant/NeoLoad solution

GWT Script Enhancement

GWT performance test scripts had issues with deserialization and missing Remote Procedure Call (RPC) files errors.

A cumbersome script design and maintenance could derail test cycles and impact releases. Cognizant implemented frameworks in the NeoLoad scripts, thus reducing test design efforts by 80%.

• GWT requests deserialization was handled with NeoLoad GWT module
• Cognizant performance test engineers collaborated with Neotys to find the root cause of missing RPC files and resolved by updating signature check class as false on the NeoLoad configuration file

Real-time monitoring and end-user experience evaluation

Selenium – NeoLoad integration were used to capture end user experience. Cognizant analysed both server-side and client-side metrics to recommend measures which ensured reliability of an e-commerce site even with 40% additional load over the forecast

Legacy tools offered limited monitoring support which led to dependency on infrastructure team, gaps in performance analysis and further delays in releases. Cognizant configured the request attributes on Dynatrace OneAgent and integrated with NeoLoad which enabled:

• Identification of performance issues from the end user transaction to the exact line of code
• Optimization of the JVM configuration parameters
• Troubleshoot test runs to verify performance improvement

Business Value delivered

Cognizant and Neotys collaborated to provide seamless support and faster resolution of implementation issues. Cognizant liaised between the client and Neotys to analyse and resolve issues related to testing of cloud components.

Scripting Effort in Hours

90% cost savings on recurring tool license and cloud usage.
• Flexible pricing options for cloud-based LGs.
• NFT team reduced script maintenance efforts by 40% using user path updates and implementing variable extractor frameworks.
• Performance test scripts were developed 2X faster compared to the legacy tool.
Executed scale test runs up to 10,000 Vusers accessing client applications across all stores to ensure customer experience.

A UK Retailer Company

90% cost savings on recurring tool license and cloud usage.

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