Saloua El Mkiess | Senior Manager of DevOps Agile Service, Tests & Bases

Saloua El Mkiess shares her NeoLoad feedback on a redesign project for Africa IS.

Can you explain the context of the project?

Performance tests are carried out as part of the transformation program for our banks in Africa. The objectives of the performance project were to:

  • Make sure that expected performance is achieved by the businesses critical ops team before production
  • Present the IS’s overall performances for “batch” processing, the use of Webservices and the HMI response times
  • Present the technical configuration recommendations

How were performance test requirements dealt with before NeoLoad?

Before the acquisition of the NeoLoad solution, performance test requirements and projects were managed using the Apache JMeter solution for the test script preparation section.

Which application was tested?

A Core Banking solution interconnected with the current IS via an exchange layer.

Which NeoLoad protocols/technologies have you tested?

HTTP/HTTPS, Webservices (Rest, SOAP), GWT, Batch Processing.

What were the other performance test solutions you assessed and ultimately why did you choose NeoLoad?

Choosing NeoLoad was based on a benchmarking study that we carried out in-house on several load test solutions.

Based on this comparative study, we concluded that NeoLoad is a performance and load test tool that is technologically superior for web and mobile applications and is particularly easy to integrate into a DevOps and Agile configuration.

What was your use of NeoLoad?

Our test campaigns using NeoLoad are typically organized as follows:

  • Construction and preparation of test scripts
  • Unit tests and burn-in
  • Running of test scripts
  • Analysis, recommendations & optimizations
  • Minutes and report of the results

How has your experience with the software been?

The scripts of the new IS are very complicated to install, so NeoLoad has enabled us to benefit from the following mechanisms:

  • Automatic correlation
  • Creation of our Framework for the variabilization
  • Transaction recording is more structured with NeoLoad and does not require any pre-configuration
  • Automatic saving of the results tree
  • Establishment of specific populations and configuring them via the network, the cache, choice of browser

What were NeoLoad’s main benefits for your company?

Feedback on projects carried out to date using NeoLoad shows that the cost of implementing a performance test project has significantly improved about JMeter: up to 60% savings on the cost of implementing a test script.

Also, with performance tests carried out via NeoLoad, the quality of the software performances is guaranteed in advance before the critical start of production operations and, consequently, we can satisfy our customers and end users.

BNP Paribas

To date, feedback on projects carried out using NeoLoad shows that the cost of implementing a performance test project has significantly improved compared to JMeter. The savings we’re seeing is close to 60%!