Webinar: Application Performance Across the Software Development Lifecycle

What You’ll Learn:

  • When should teams start considering application performance?
  • Should you performance test every release?
  • How is QA keeping up with the velocity of releases?
  • How is CI/CD impacting performance testing?
  • Are organizations performance testing mobile apps? How?

Two trends are driving major changes in the way performance testing is done today in software development teams: an increase in the pace of development and the requirement for multi-screen applications. With these trends in mind, teams can no longer push off performance testing tasks until the last minute before a release goes out.

How do you ensure fast performing applications for web and mobile users while dealing with internal pressures to release more frequently, automate more tests, and somehow fit into new process like continuous integration and continuous deployment?

In this webinar, Brad Stoner draws from his own experiences leading performance testing teams to offer advice on how to adapt your performance testing to overcome these new challenges.