Success Story: AllShare BV – The Netherlands

Company Profile

As a supplier of banking systems, AllShare is active for 25 years now. Thanks to many years of experience and investments, AllShare Banking Solutions has grown out into being the software choice for innovative banks who want to respond quickly and effectively on market changes with a high level of customer efficiency. AllShare is the market leader in the Netherlands for fully secured Retail Internet Banking systems.



We were looking for a Web Application Load Testing tool to make a baseline on our application performances under pre-defined load and to assess our application performances and scalability when deployed in various third party infrastructures.

Our organisation got started with the LST business with NeoLoad. There was no LST project prior to using NeoLoad.

By using NeoLoad, it was possible to easily perform reproducible and auditable testing.

Application tested: We tested a J2EE application supported by WebLogic, WebSphere, Tomcat, Oracle and AIX.

The protocols that have been tested: http/https and SOAP.


NeoLoad was used in the first LST we performed for a customer – the customer had a good experience with the tool. We considered an alternative: JMeter (Apache) – this was (compared to NeoLoad) too difficult to use and implementing advanced scenario’s would introduce complexity and involvement of development to extend the tool where needed. NeoLoad had all the bells we wanted.

Test Results and Added Value

AllShare’s technical consultants found it straightforward to translate the testing design available on paper into its implementation under NeoLoad without prior in depth knowledge of Load and stress testing concepts. It’s easy to say you are a LST expert when you are using NeoLoad.

NeoLoad out of the box reporting solution provided a clear and concise overview of the test results allowing to spot area for performance improvement at a glance.

Thanks to NeoLoad explicit documentation and reliable technical service, AllShare has been able to conduct many successful Load and Stress testing projects insuring its customers’ optimal ROI in AllShare’s ebanking solution.

We would like to use NeoLoad as a collaborative tool; using many clients’ console for 1 project repository.

Additional comments

NeoLoad monitoring solution helped to collect realistic and exploitable data that allowed us to assess the capacity planning and scalability of our application.