Whitepaper: 3 Tips to Successfully Load Testing Adobe® Flex® Applications

Silverlight applications may be different from applications you’ve worked with before. For classic HTML web applications, the server does all of the processing. In addition, the rendering of HTML requires full page refreshes. Silverlight applications are different because content is delivered without having to reload the page. The application is constantly being updated by the server, asynchronously. For this reason, IIS server loads reveal a very different profile.

Innovative RIA technologies like Silverlight present new challenges with respect to emulating a realistic load. If you’re developing or deploying applications in this newer technology, successfully addressing these challenges requires thinking about load testing in new ways. In discussing the new challenges in load testing Silverlight applications we will provide 3 important tips to help you improve application performance while enriching the user experience.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Support Silverlight communication protocols
  • Automatically process application identifiers
  • Monitor the server side