Webinar: 3 Keys to Continuous Performance Validation: Automate, Collaborate, Reuse

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to employ automation throughout the entire development lifecycle
  • How to test for performance early and often – even in development
  • How to reuse assets to balance quality with the speed of development
  • How to run realistic end-to-end tests in pre-production for business critical apps
  • How to monitor the same transactions in production and pre-production

Users today want all web and mobile applications to respond as quickly as a Google search. They also want cool new features and apps that make their lives easier. So your teams adopt practices like agile, DevOps, continuous integration, asset reuse, and automation to deliver faster and more efficiently.

But how do you balance the velocity of development with the time-consuming performance testing tasks required to ensure your users are delighted by your app’s performance?

Voke analyst Theresa Lanowitz takes a deep dive into the answer—continuous performance validation. Continuous performance validation is the practice of using automated and collaborative tools to test and monitor application performance at every step of the application development lifecycle.