Neotys training classes are the fastest way to ensure you are getting the most from your investment in NeoLoad. Neotys trainers are not only experts in Neotys’ products, but also in the fields of load testing and performance optimization for web and mobile applications.

Training Courses

Neotys offers both eLearning and onsite training courses that range in subject from getting you starting with designing and running tests with NeoLoad.

Neotys recommends all users consider onsite training courses as the preferred option. Onsite training allows you to:

  • Interact with expert trainers throughout the course
  • Get immediate responses to your questions
  • See examples that are most relevant to you
  • Learn faster through hands-on instruction
  • Attend training at your office
  • Choose from several deeper topics to learn about after the core training

If onsite training is not possible due to budget or logistical constraints, eLearning courses could be an appropriate option. eLearning courses are also appropriate for beginners who don’t have load and performance testing experience.

Contact your account manager to help you select the training course that makes the most sense for you and your organization.

Refer to the Neotys Training Catalog for details on available courses.

Neotys Certifications

See the Neotys Certification page for details on available certification levels including:

  • Neotys Certified Professional for NeoLoad
  • Neotys Certified Expert for NeoLoad

See the Partner Page for details on Neotys Certified Instructor for NeoLoad.

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