Performance engineers can’t always scale,
but performance engineering can

Performance testing enterprise applications has always required expertise. Applications today manage transactions that touch dozens of other applications and systems — and it’s up to testers and developers to ensure that every release performs.

The modern application environment has become more complex — hyper-dynamic microservices-based architectures, multi-cloud deployments, automation and integration — that only a handful of experts within an organization can reliably measure how full systems perform.

But there are simply not enough experts to tackle all of an enterprise’s performance engineering requirements. Certainly not at the pace of today’s release cycles. As a result, enterprises are finding that testing is becoming the #1 impediment to faster releases. Quality assurance is becoming a bottleneck.

So, as enterprises adopt DevOps, how do they scale performant applications released daily or weekly, with a few scarce resources?

Since a few performance experts don’t scale, organizations can instead develop a performance approach that scales.

“A few scarce performance experts don’t scale, so organizations need a scalable approach to performance engineering.“

Many enterprises have successfully adopted a scalable approach to performance engineering. What they all have in common is a standardized approach that meets the requirements for different types of teams, different types of applications and different deployment models. Specifically, such a standardized approach:

  • Is easily adopted by performance engineering experts and non-experts alike
  • Leverages a high degree of CI automation
  • Supports a cloud-native approach to performance engineering
  • Can be applied consistently to enterprise-grade applications like SAP and Oracle, Citrix-virtualized apps and microservices-based architectures

These enterprises have found that a standardized approach not only empowers autonomous DevOps teams but increases the productivity of all teams and makes the organization more resilient when key performance experts leave.

Implementing a performance engineering approach that the entire organization can standardize on is the best way to realize consistent quality across all releases all the time at the pace of today’s development.

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What does a standardized, highly scalable approach to performance engineering look like?