Auto scaling – a stairway to heaven or hell?

Let’s dive into auto scaling and it’s impact on your performance tests, what are the issues we face and do we need to alter our approach? 

With many organisations migrating to Cloud infrastructure and with this shift came a brand new shiny toy named auto scaling. As a performance tester/engineer it can be difficult to understand all the ways we can auto-scale applications. During this presentation I will go into detail how you can test auto-scaling and how does it impact your tests and results.


Twan started working in the IT industry around 5 years ago and started in a testing role. After a short time Twan was mostly working on technical testing projects and start programming. Being involved into software development Twan grew his knowledge of software engineering and testing. At Sogeti Twan grew into his role as performance engineer. From his first performance test project he knew this was the specialisme he wants to be working in. Twan has advised multiple organisation on how to implement performance testing in to an Agile way of working. Having runned many performance tests and done many analyses he gained much technical skills to advice on performance engineering and analysing performance issues.