Stijn Schepers

Stijn Schepers

‘Observability’ to speed-up your application performance.

Observe the Application Performance by creating frameworks that highlight performance issues from a different angle.

My presentation is about observation. When you start observing your application, you will get to know your application. Only by really understanding your application, you can control and optimize the performance. I will demonstrate an Observation Framework build with Neoload, Dexter and Appdynamics in conjunction with the Robotic Analytical Framework.

About Stijn

As a child Stijn always wanted to become a detective. Solving crime and making the world better would be his prime mission. He wanted to become a superhero! Although he did not reach that goal, he sees himself as an ICT detective who turns the World Wide Web into a better place. He support companies to deliver business applications which offer great Digital Experience to their end users.

Find the root cause of system bottlenecks, assess and optimize the performance and stability of complex architectures, performance test systems in a continuous matter, optimize monitoring strategies into pro-active solutions. Activities that he loves doing and which are so needed to ensure that your applications stay up and running and make the end-user happy and engaged.

He loves sharing his experience with young folks, speaking at technical congresses and sharing knowledge so more people understand the complexity and importance of Performance Engineering.