Stijn Schepers

Stijn Schepers

Automatic Result Analysis: The missing link in continuous load testing.

Automatic Analysis of performance test results is difficult but totally possible and required for fully automating performance testing in a continuous delivery pipeline. 

At Accenture, we have built a Robotic Analytical Framework which automatically analyses the results based on smart algorithms. The outcome of the analysis is a Test Execution Score which can be used to PASS or FAIL a build. This way we can fully automate testing and increase the velocity. During the presentation, we will provide a practical demo with the aim to show the audience how a smart robot can support Test Engineers to drive automation.

About Stijn

Stijn has over 19 years’ international experience (including banking, insurance & telco) as performance test specialist and test manager using both agile (Scrum, SAFe) and waterfall models. He is intrigued by the changing world of Digital Transformation. He enjoys developing alternative and pragmatic testing solutions to enable Rapid Delivery inline with DevOps principles. How can we performance test better, smarter and faster in an automated way and add real value?!

Stijn has worked in Europe, New Zealand and Australia as Performance Engineer. He has tested and optimized complex enterprise solutions (Oracle Financials, Oracle Forms, Oracle Web Center, CRM Applications, JD Edwards, J2EE solutions, Vignette, SIEBEL, SAP, Cúram, IBM Web Sphere, Mule).

Stijn is enthusiastic, social and open-minded. He is a team player and a leader with a deep technical knowledge who can communicate in normal language. He has been a speaker at several international congresses (Eurostar, Sigist, Neotys Performance Advisory Council, GOVT test professionals).