Stephen Townshend

Stephen Townshend

The Forgotten Art of Log Analysis

How to analyze system logs to understand system performance and to diagnose performance issues.

How diagnose performance issues when we do not have APM tools at our disposal?

This is a hands-on demonstration on how to parse and interpret different types of system log (e.g. web server access logs, integration platform logs, database tables) to understand system performance and to isolate performance bottlenecks.

Specifics covered: The “divide and conquer” approach, understanding log files, writing a log parser, visualizing log file data, and interpreting this data to understand system performance (or to model workload). Additionally, we will briefly touch on how we might automate this process as part of performance testing.

About Stephen

Stephen is a software performance specialist based in Auckland, New Zealand. Performance is about more than just testing – it’s about business risk. Stephen’s view is that his job is to identify, prioritise, and manage performance risk in a way which is appropriate to each customer’s unique situation. This allows us to focus on what matters to the business the most, first.

He specializes in the two ends of an engagement – the risk assessment and strategy up front, and the investigation and diagnosis of issues in production or during performance testing.

Stephen is also a professionally trained actor for theatre and film which coincidentally makes him an expert at both performance and performance.