Srivalli Aparna

Databases Done Right

Making sure the databases we test against match reality – for accurate and meaningful performance testing.

As external performance testers we often rely on internal team to set up our environments – but it’s is still our job to ensure that the environment is fit for purpose.

We use the phrase “production like” every day but what does it really mean? It’s not just the hardware specs that matter when it comes to a defining a “realistic” performance testing environment. There are lots of small details that are crucial to the accuracy and value of our test results. It’s easy to overlook these minor details which often bite us back as “false performance bottlenecks” or “environment issues”.

In my presentation, I want to focus on the database tier of our environments and to present tips and tools that performance testers can use to ensure better environments, better efficiency, and more accurate results.


About Srivalli

Srivalli is currently working as a Senior Test Consultant for The Testing Consultancy in New Zealand. In the last 10 years, she has worked for a number of  UK and New Zealand based clients helping them to achieve better software performance.
One of the best learning experiences of her career was being a part of the product engineering group at Oracle. She had an opportunity to work closely with the database experts and gained a good exposure into database architecture.



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