Concurrency matters – Test it or regret it

You don’t believe in concurrency problems? There are more out there than you think.

The test type “concurrency test” is not really covered in performance test literature and testing for concurrency is often seen as a byproduct of performance tests with many VUs.
In this talk I will focus on the importance of concurrency testing and I will talk about NeoLoad features such as pacing and rendezvous points to achieve such a test very easily, even with almost no load. I will show a demo of our own test application for educational purposes, which contains concurrency errors. As soon as two people hit the “Register” button in a form within the same second it goes boom. Of course, you will see how you can track down this error using NeoLoad.


I’m a former software developer with an MSc in Astrophysics from the University of Vienna and I’ve always felt attracted to complex problems. After gaining several years of experience in software engineering, I founded Triscon in 2018, a company where we are fully dedicated to all topics regarding performance engineering. We enjoy helping to evolve the newest approaches in performance monitoring and performance engineering, such as the automation of test design or DevOps approaches and the integration of performance tests in CI/CD pipelines. As a former software engineer, I personally enjoy going beyond performance testing to find and understand the nature and the root cause of a problem.