Ian Molyneaux


Mantaining Application Performance as part of Digital Transformation

Discussing performance best practice techniques in a containerized, microservice based application deployment.

Containers, micro-services and orchestration frameworks are the building blocks of modern web applications but what performance challenges result from adoption of these new design choices? My presentation will discuss the advantages, potential performance pitfalls and best practice suggestions to smooth your journey through this new technology – What to test and what KPI’s to monitor.


About Ian

Originally from Auckland, New Zealand, Ian Molyneaux ended up in IT purely by chance after applying for an interesting looking job advertised as “junior computer operator” in the mid ’70s.
The rest is history: 36 years later Ian has held many roles in IT but confesses to being a techie at heart with a special interest in application performance.

Ian is a published author on Performance Testing and related disciplines (The Art of Application Performance Testing, O’Reilly 2009 and 2014) as well as being an established technical writer.
Ian currently works as an independent consultant offering advice and support to clients on:

– DevOps Implementation
– Performance Testing
– Application Performance Management (APM)
– Performance Trouble-Shooting

Ian also speaks at many IT events and works in an advisory capacity with many IT tooling vendors.