Mikko Larkela


Database notifications during load tests

In many cases, the software initially works according to the functional requirements and is green-lighted for delivery, but it may slow down over time and with new releases, due to database performance issues. After talk database performance, live demo how during load tests database alerts are triggered.


DB performance is my professional passion and I’ve been working on a tool to detect performance issues very early. mySuperMon is in the process of patenting its innovation. The name stands for ‘My Software Use case Performance Monitor’ and was cooked up when Larkela brought his business idea to Turku Business Region’s BusinessUp startup accelerator programme in 2018.

The aim was to commercialise what he calls his “consultancy toolbox”, a set of tools and technologies that he had been developing since he set out to advise software application developers a few years prior. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Larkela used to work at a leading Finnish digital services and software firm, testing large database applications for clients in the financial services and healthcare sectors.

He would test new software versions for performance just before delivery to those clients. One of the things that surprised him was how often new releases had to be returned after testing – or even after roll-out – causing delays in project deliveries as well as reclamations. He figured that, ideally, database monitoring should happen earlier in the development process, and that it should be done differently.