Leandro Melendez


The Pinto, Pareto, and Performance

Performance on IT systems and its testing has always several monetary implications that should be analyzed and known.

Long ago the auto industry had a hard choice on a course of action they had to take to fix a problem they were stuck in. That problem was named the Pinto.
Through questionable valuation techniques, the auto industry came up with a cost-effective plan of action. As mentioned before this valuation techniques were questionable but they were needed to take a decision on the path to take to solve a present problem.
Those type of decisions are presented often in the performance testing practice and some foundations are needed to decide from multiple action paths. One of them was the Pinto’s questionable valuation plan. To avoid such questionable valuation techniques the performance engineers and managers must be aware of techniques such as Pareto or opportunity cost, to get the best bang for their buck or even to just not lose many bucks.
As well they must be prepared to predict the monetary outcomes of several different performances related decisions that have to be made on a regular basis. Let’s go on several examples and situations that many do not even think about.

About Leandro

Leandro Melendez is the producer and host of an Espanol (note: that means Spanish) language version of PerfBytes. Leandro has more than 20 years of experience in the IT business, going from Developer, DBA, Project Manager, and others. The last 10 years he has been working on the QA area, specifically on the Performance and Load testing area using tools like WinRunner, LoadRunner, JMeter, HPDiagnostics, NeoLoad, AppDyn, Dynatrace and many others. Has served multiple S&P500 customers all over the USA, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, and Europe. He is an author of an internationally popular performance testing blog called Señor Performo where he curates a diverse set of learning material for performance testers and engineers. He is also the manager of the performance testing area of the company QualiTest.