DynamoDB Be Thy Name

Challenges faced & experience gained while tuning the AWS DynamoDB.

AWS DynamoDB is a proprietary NoSQL database offered by Amazon.com as part of Amazon Web Services. Unlike other SQL databases, DynamoDB only comes with a handful of the parameter to tune it. Basic knowledge of the inner workings of DynamoDB is crucial. It will help you design the right solution to achieve higher throughput and sub-second response time. In this presentation, I will talk about lessons learned tuning DynamoDB. Some of these lessons are generic, while others are related to DynamoDB capacity.


Harinder is a consultant based in Melbourne, Australia. He is on the Blockchain Advisory Board of Global Skill Development Council. Harinder has authored the “Introduction to Blockchain” ebook. He is also a co-author of an IBM Redbook on Performance and Capacity Implications for Big Data. He speaks at conferences/workshops and contributes to various publications. Harinder currently leads the Performance engineering team for a major financial organization in Australia. Part of the role is to establish a performance engineering strategy for the organization’s DevOps teams.