Srivalli Aparna



How to overcome the Performance myth in the cloud

Cloud provides on demand scalability with unlimited storage and processing capabilities. Cloud promises increased availability with servers distributed across multiple data centers and provides lower upfront costs. Enterprises are migrating towards Cloud to utilize these features, however they take Performance as granted and fail to explicitly validate the performance resulting in outages in production. Black Friday crashes, Prime day outages are examples of such negligence.

In this session, I will cover typical Cloud adoption scenarios, common performance myths and performance challenges in Cloud along with the solutions and best practices to be followed for successful implementation of Cloud.

About Hari:

Hari is an expert and thought leader in Performance Testing and Engineering with 18 years of experience. His experience spans across Software development, Performance Testing & Engineering for large mission critical applications for clients across different verticals. He was instrumental in setting up Performance Testing CoE in Cognizant which is now a 1700 member practice. Hari currently heads the Non Functional Testing CoE function in Cognizant and is responsible for building and rolling out Digital & Next gen NFT services.