Bruno Audoux

Bruno Audoux

Autonomous Scripts

How to be sure that a scenario with many scripts keeps functional for a long period of test with many runs

During this session, Bruno will tell you more about:
– Automatic data update
– Automatic script update and re-engineering
– Script size in a context
– Data exchange between script

As a bonus, Bruno will propose a useful concept for “The Perfect online shop script”

About Bruno

Born and bread with computer since I learn to bicycle, I started to code and compile my program when I was less than 10.
I studied fluid mechanic and building architecture, but I directly went to work in fluid data and computer architecture @ Control Data France.

Starting Bench in 2002 for the French taxes web services I decided to work only on architecture and benchmark.

I moved to a first benchmark specialist company in 2010, then I created Aerow Performance to be a Technical manager.
Now I’ve got 15 Ninja, Samurai and Ninja Bencher specialists ready to bench night and days.

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