ANDREAS Gerstmayr

Integrating and Visualizing eBPF metrics in Performance Co-Pilot & Grafana

I’ll show how to integrate eBPF metrics in Performance Co-Pilot and how to visualize them in Grafana.

eBPF is an innovative technology which allows tracing of kernel functions and tracepoints without modifying the kernel or loading kernel modules. In my talk I’ll show how to ingest metrics gathered by BCC and bpftrace tools into Performance Co-Pilot. Performance Co-Pilot is a system performance analysis toolkit for collecting, analyzing and visualizing various system and application metrics. In the second part I’ll demonstrate how to visualize these metrics in Grafana, for example how to visualize disk latency data collected by a BCC tool with a live heatmap in Grafana.


Andreas works as a Software Engineer at Red Hat on Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) and related performance and visualization tools. Previously he worked at Catalysts GmbH on web applications, mobile applications, DevOps for a storage cluster and hardware projects.