Alexander Podelko

The Forgotten Art of Performance Modeling

Performance modeling is needed today more than ever– it is time to revive it! 

Performance modeling significantly increases the value of performance testing. First, it is one more way to validate tests correctness and help to identify problems with the system. Second, it allows answering questions about sizing and capacity of the system. Performance modeling is needed today more than ever – as we embrace continuous performance testing and full-scale tests are not always feasible. How the change in that service performance will impact overall performance of the system? It is rather paradoxical that once popular topic of performance modeling became practically forgotten – it is time to revive it!


About Alexander

Alex Podelko has specialized in performance since 1997, working as a performance engineer and architect for several companies. Currently he is Consulting Member of Technical Staff at Oracle, responsible for performance testing and optimization of Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence (a.k.a. Hyperion) products.

Alex periodically talks and writes about performance-related topics, advocating tearing down silo walls between different groups of performance professionals. His collection of performance-related links and documents (including his recent articles and presentations) can be found at He blogs at and can be found on Twitter as @apodelko. Alex currently serves as a director for the Computer Measurement Group (CMG,, an organization of performance and capacity planning professionals.