Building a Holistic Performance Management Platform

What does the ideal performance management platform look like and what is the road map to get there?

With today’s complex environments and the transition to modern practices such as CI/CD and continuous performance testing, organisations are finding that even with both performance testing and APM solutions in place is no longer sufficient. To cover all the requirements, a holistic performance management platform is needed. What does this look like and how to build it? There is no single universal solution: We must adapt to both technology and organisational needs. Alan Gordon will discuss the vision of the holistic performance management platform, with practical tips on implementation based on the experience of Altersis Performance from a major insurance client.

About Alan:

Alan Gordon has been working in the software performance field since 1997, specialising in performance testing, engineering and APM solutions. Alan is a certified expert in various performance test and APM tools, has authored a performance testing methodology, and has created and delivered multiple performance testing training courses over the years. Alan specialises in software performance in the banking and financial services sector. Altersis Performance is a leading specialist provider of performance solutions, based in France and Switzerland.