Zak Cole

Blockchain Performance Engineering

Challenges and solutions for engineering effective and scalable blockchain systems

While the blockchain space is still very much in its infancy, the promise of distributed ledger technology presents valuable and unique solutions for a variety of global issues. However, in order to ensure true mainstream adoption, the blockchain development community is racing to overcome several key performance issues which bottleneck these adoption efforts.

The intent of this presentation is to summarize these key performance issues, identify potential solutions, and act as a call to action for the contribution of the performance community, especially those with enterprise experience. Additionally, this presentation will provide valuable insight from a performance engineering perspective by sharing the results of a test series conducted at Whiteblock and a brief overview of the testing methodologies applied therein.


About Zak

Zak Cole is CTO of Whiteblock, a performance engineering company focused on blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. At Whiteblock, Zak developed a blockchain testing platform, the first of its kind, to help development teams build effective and scalable blockchain systems. As an early investor in Bitcoin and Ethereum, Zak has been involved in the blockchain space since 2013 and served as a network engineer in the United States Marine Corps where he received his training. Additionally, he contracted as a front-end developer with Google, worked as an information systems security professional, and technical product manager with Apposite Technologies.