Srivalli Aparna



How to automate Performance in DevOps

This presentation is trying to touch on best Practices of performance evolution in DevOps

In the modern era major organisations move to DevOps in order to increase the speed of delivery however businesses are struggling to control performance while enabling faster and more frequent business change. In this presentation I would like to show how Performance Engineering should evolve in order to catch up with the quick and frequent business change and continuous delivery.
I will show how analysis can be automated by comparing against thresholds, comparing to baselines and matching with expected patterns to give a pass or a fail to the performance tests. I will talk about the 7 pillars of performance framework and I will also show a methodology that will help to reduce the false positives in order to makes sure results are consistent. Finally, I will talk about the importance of Integration Load Testing in DevOps.

About Vasilis

He hold an MEng in Civl Engineering and MSc in Computer Science from University College London. He has more than 5 years of experience in Capacity and Performance Management, he worked on key client accounts and he was involved with Performance Engineering and Service Assurance for a number of clients. He leads Performance testing activities of high complexity such as Endeca and SAP performance testing for a major organisation. Currently, he works on creating a performance testing strategy for a large enterprise in DevOps. His professional qualifications include ITIL Foundation Certificate in Service Management (V3).