Thomas ROTTÉ

How AI Based Business Intelligence Helps Test Automation

Probit uses AI to understand real user behavior. The resulting model drives test-automation systems.

Having a look at the high-cost of maintenance on test-automation scenarios, we raised the plan to add AI to help us investigate the real user behavior. Probit came out as an innovative product to help us with this. As we see a lot of companies with large-scale web-applications struggling with the same issues; we are proud to announce Probit as a full-blown product to help you all in this. In this session, we will explain the basics on how to use this Probit application by chaining the ‘easyflight’ demo-application of Dynatrace to the business intelligence system of Probit, and add a simple test-framework to it.


About Thomas

Thomas was Chief Performance Officer for customer-facing applications at KBC. Now he uses his experience to evangelize APM solutions further in the company. As KBC-Intrapreneur, he helps modernizing the company to face upcoming challenges and grab opportunities. With PROBIT he works on a user-analytics system that combines Dynatrace data with AI to gain more insights and deliver business value and to use this knowledge to improve the way we do test-automation.