Stephen Townshend



Tableausaurus Rex

A beginners guide to analysing load test results using Tableau.

For years now you’ve heard PAC members including Stijn Schepers, Srivalli Aparna, and myself promote and demonstrate the power of Tableau for analysing performance data. However, there has never been a “back to basics” tutorial on how to get started with Tableau as a performance engineer.

In this session I will travel back to a time before time to show you how to analyse JMeter results using Tableau. I will take you through the journey step by step, right from the beginning.

I will also share tips and tricks, including helpful calculated fields. This is your chance to take your results analysis from the prehistoric era into the future.

About Stephen

Stephen has been pretending to be a performance engineer for twelve years. He is actually an actor, playing the role of a performance engineer. At some point along the way he lost touch with reality and is no longer sure if he is acting, or this has become reality. In the words of Robert Downey, Jr. in the film Tropic Thunder: “I know who I am. I’m a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude.”