Performance Testing HTTP/3 (QUIC)

This presentation will focus on the new QUIC (also known as HTTP/3) Internet protocol standard and how to approach performance testing for sites optimized for HTTP/3 verses HTTP/2 or HTTP version 1.x. This presentation will include the following information:

1. What is QUIC – HTTP/3?
2. How does HTTP/3 differ from HTTP/2?
3. What performance gains should be expected from HTTP/3?
4. How to optimize applications to gain the most from HTTP/3
5. Products and tools useful or testing HTTP/3 applications
6. Real-world demos and results/analysis from a test on a HTTP/3 application

At the end of the sessions, attendees should have a basic understanding of the history of HTTP/3 and how it works. They should have a strategy for optimizing and performance testing applications that will utilize HTTP/3 in the near future.

About Scott 

With over 27 years of IT experience with various platforms and technologies, Scott has worked with some of the largest applications and infrastructures in the world. Scott founded LoadTester Incorporated in 2004, and co-founded Northway Solutions Group in 2010. In 2015, Scott Moore Consulting LLC was set up to provide consulting services around Performance Testing, Performance Engineering, and Performance Monitoring. He is an active thought leader in the performance engineering space.

In 2018, Scott founded SimpleAPM – a next-generation Digital Experience and Application Performance Monitoring (APM) product that is easy to implement, non-invasive, and a cost effective way for any size company to gain insights into the performance of their critical applications.