How I learnt to stop worrying and embrace my inner Dinosaur

Just because someone is a dinosaur – it doesn’t mean that their knowledge and skills are less applicable. Regardless of the technology or methodology

After a few years of doing something, it seems natural to look back on when you first started and think about the things that you wish you’d known. Looking back all of the things I wish I had known 14 years ago are foundational. I wish I had understood queuing theory and how to apply it. I wish I had understood the value of building your own monitoring and parsing solutions rather than relying totally on tools – performance testing tools in particular, and I wish I had had the skills to bring those things together.
In this presentation we’ll cover off a few engagements where the things I wish I had known way back when have really uncovered problems, and how that foundational knowledge is just as useful now in the world of the cloud as they ever have been.

About Scott

I have been working in performance testing for over 14 years. I’ve worked on SAP, Mainframe, middleware, IVR systems, POS (ISO8583), Batching systems, web apps across banking, private sector, telecommunications and government. I’m an AWS certified cloud practitioner and Associate Solution Architect (just to show I can learn new things!). I’ve worked with a wide range of performance testing tools and am involved in mentoring new performance testers and engineers.