Philip Webb


Mark59 – A Jmeter/Selenium/CI Open Source P&V Solution

In this presentation I will be discussing how the small team of Performance and Volume Testers I am part of transitioned from using very traditional approach to performance testing, to full Continuous Integration, to producing our own framework that caters for the use of Java ‘DSL’ driven Selenium scripts in Jmeter. That framework has been open-sourced as “Mark59”.

I will present the problems we tackled, and how the Mark59 solution developed over time to solve them. By using a timeline sequence, I hope that the reasoning and purpose of our Mark59 framework will make some sense.

I’ll also describe at a more technical level the architecture and components of Mark59. The focus here will be on how to actually write a Mark59-compatable script, and the core functions the framework provides.

Time permitting, I’ll talk very briefly about our current AWS migration.

At the moment Mark59 is still labelled as a ‘Beta’ version, but all the major components and QuickStart Notes are available at our company’s public Git repo:

See you soon 😊


About Philip

BSc Inf Sci degree from Tasmania University, now over 30 year in IT. Worked in Canbera, the UK (various parts) and Melbourne on IBM Mainframe systems – generally as a developer. Around the late 200’s began working as a Java Developer (AXA), then about 10 years ago joined IAG as an Automation Tester, the last 5 or so years as a Performance and Volume Test Analyst.